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Sidr integration for Drupal. This module allows the admin to create "trigger" blocks which when clicked, use the Sidr libraries to slide in / slide out a specified target element. This is very useful for implementing responsive menus. All you have to do is create one or more dedicated regions in your theme, say, mobile_menu and then configure a sidr trigger block to toggle it.


  • Download sidr 2.2.1 libraries.
  • Copy the dist directory of the download in your Drupal install such that jquery.sidr.js is located in DRUPAL_ROOT/libraries/sidr/jquery.sidr.js.
  • Install and enable this module on your Drupal site.
  • From the admin/structure/block page in your Drupal site, click on the Place block button for the region in which you want to place the trigger for your sidr. This trigger will open / close your sidr. Configure the block as per your needs and save your changes.
  • The sidr trigger should be visible on your site and if you click on the trigger, you should see a sidr menu sliding out as per your configuration.

Reporting issues

Issues related to the Sidr javascript plugin should go to the Sidr plugin issue queue. For issues related to the way the Drupal integration works, you can create an issue on the Sidr module issue queue.