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BYU Theme

BYU Brand-compliant Theme using Bootstrap and web components.


  • Version 8.x-1.x requires the Porto subtheme. Contact Katria for access.
  • Version 8.x-2.x requires the Bootstrap subtheme.
  • Both 8.x themes have a strong dependency on the Block Classmodule for the byu-footer-column component.
  • The 7.x version requires multiple dependencies. Please visit for installation instructions.

Requesting Features and Options

Requests for enhancements should be created here. Enhancement requests for the header and footer specifically should be posted on the #engineering-group channel or in Github:

Reporting Bugs & Issues

Report bugs here for the theme. For the header or footer not working (if you think this is related to the components, and not Drupal): If you aren't sure if it's a component or Drupal issue, assume it is Drupal and it will be redirected if it is for the components group instead.

Understanding Header/Footer Components

You can read the full documentation for the BYU Header & Footer components on these pages: and

Questions? Ask the Group

The Engineering team of web developers around campus that supports the components is on slack.Join the byuweb team (see and go to the #engineering-group channel.

Search Options

The search in the byu header can be disabled in the header settings. You can also customize how it works. It is using the byu-search component.

If you use the default core search module, it will work out of the box.

Using Different Search Modules

You are able to use different search modules (i.e. Custom Search or Google Custom Search). If the search component gets confused finding your search/text input and your button/submit input, the theme has settings provided to tell it specifically which elements to target.

For example, if you use the Custom Search module, you will want to specify:
input[data-drupal-selector="edit-keys"] for the Search Box element
and input[data-drupal-selector="edit-submit"] for the Search Button element.
These fields take simple CSS selectors, so if your search module isn't working, make sure you are using a CSS selector that will not target multiple divs, and that will not change. (i.e. ID's of these search elements often change once you start searching or reloading the page.)