About our service (WUI Measurement Platform)


Our integration platform seeks to help researchers and web designers in more complete analysis of web user interfaces (WUIs). The number of proposed metrics for WUIs (within both code- and image-based analysis) has increased dramatically. Moreover, different publications and services may use different algorithms for calculating a metric of the same name. Thus, by collecting the metrics from many available sources we attempt to:

  • increase the fidelity of WUI analysis (more data is better!);
  • provide basis for comparing different metrics/algorithms and selecting most relevant ones, for a given target user group and website domain;
  • collect data that can be used in training user behavior models.


This project was partially supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RBFR): #16-37-60060, #16-37-00184. The start of the cooperation is due to DAAD's Mikhail Lomonosov's program.


Novosibirsk State Technical University (Russia): Maxim Bakaev, Vladimir Khvorostov, Tatiana Laricheva, Egor Boychuk, Ekaterina Goltsova, Yulia Chasovskih, many Bachelor students.

Chemnitz Technical University: Sebastian Heil, Markus Keller, How Lee, Martin Gaedke.