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This module adds classes to Body tag of page based on configured Breakpoints via Javascript.

Why not Browserclass?

Do you like Browserclass module as I do? So you know that changing of browser window size not changes classes that applied to Body tag. It happens because Browserclass module logic is based on User-agent and works totally in backend.

Breakpoints class module can add and remove classes to body tag just on window resize and matching/unmatching of breakpoints.


  • One place for @media queries. Because breakpoints module configuration stored in backend - it can be single place where you will add breakpoints to your site. All breakpoints easily can be exported to Features.
  • Responsive theming based on body classes instead of hardcoding @media queries in styles and moving them to backend side.
  • Responsive javascript development. All @media queries are avaliable in Drupal.settings.breakpoints_class.breakpoints javascript object.
  • ???
  • Profit



  • Enable Breakpoints class module
  • Download Enquire.js library to /sites/all/libraries/enquire.js/ folder.
  • (optional) Download matchMedia.js library to /sites/all/libraries/matchMedia.js/ folder for better IE compatibility.
  • Add some breakpoints with Breakpoints module
  • Enjoy your classes!

Also libraries can be added using library_pack module.


  • Allows to add classes to body tag based on Breakpoints module configuration for specific themes.
  • Allows to setup classes prefix in module settings. It might be helpful if you have some conflicts with breakpoints and already existing body classes.
  • Debug mode for logging into Javascript console all breakpoint changes.